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Nov 24, 2022

A new series. New characters. New stories. Same Ohio.

The Department of Variance of Somewhere, Ohio is a new sci-fi/horror audio drama by Rat Grimes, creator of the Dead Letter Office of Somewhere, Ohio. 

The Department of Variance is a full-cast serial fiction podcast about a shady governmental group that experiences a containment breach at its main office. One new hire and one mid-level employee from the Bureau of Transnatural Resources–named Jasmine Control and Scarlet Jaunt–are stuck on different floors when a lockdown begins. The two must communicate and get to the bottom of the building however they can. Not all is as it seems in the department, however

Beginning December 7th and airing weekly. Listen wherever you get your podcasts, or go to our website or patreon for more information. 

The Department thanks you for your time.